Our Story

CONTADINO Olive farm is a proudly Australian Owned and family run business. 

We are proud and passionate owners of a business that has earned the admiration and respect from our passion of providing distinctive fine-food products, Australian grown olives and excelling reputation for producing one of Australia’s best cold pressed extra virgin olive oils for over two decades.


Our passion and commitment to fresh, healthy and delicious, wholesome products complement our beliefs in our heritage and natural farming methods from harvest, through to production.

Our first-class quality, fresh, flavoursome, preservative and chemical free produce, are some of the characteristics that set Contadino Olive Farm apart.

We believe in our products and we believe in the simple yet incredible rewards we get from working the land and we welcome you all to discover more about our culture and to taste our genuine, fresh and delicious products.

Our History

Over the past 20 years our family business has established a reputation for producing one of Australia’s best cold pressed extra virgin olive oils and olives.

Contadino is the Italian word for farmer, someone who works the land. Our name reflects our connection with our roots, and communicates belief in simplicity when working the land with natural farming methods. Using our Italian Heritage in the growing and harvesting of our olives we have carried on our traditional ways in order to produce the freshest olives and olive oil, vegetables and homemade products in Australia.

Our Groves

Our groves, located in the rich fertile soil of the River lands of South Australia, in addition to Young in New South Wales as well as our farm and shop where you can purchase our products near beautiful Jervis bay on the New South Wales South Coast, have given us the opportunity to live out our passion for growing and selling a large variety of olives, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

We have developed a way of living and farming naturally with integrity, love, passion and quality that we can be proud to share with our local community and our loyal and ever growing customers.

Our Olive Oil & Produce

Our philosophy is the less the olive is handled the closer to its natural state, the better the oil. Our olives are cold pressed, unfiltered, unrefined to ensure that our Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an exquisite fruity and balanced flavour and is then carefully hand-bottled in small batches to guarantee freshness.

We believe that the best produce in life is FREE from Preservatives & Chemicals leaving our produce full of delicious natural flavour. True to our philosophy of quality over quantity, we undertake every process from tree to bottle with great care.