Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most frequently asked questions about our Australian organic extra virgin olive oils, olives and other products.
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What does extra virgin Olive OIL (EVOO) mean?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is when the oil is extracted solely by mechanical means (no excessive heat or solvents are used) to produce the highest quality and grade of unrefined olive oil, full of nutrients and antioxidants!

What does "cold pressed" mean?

All EVOO is technically cold pressed. However the reason it is referred to as “cold pressed” is due to the fact that, processing does not exceed a certain temperature when extracting the oil from the fruit. Excess heat can increase the quantity of oil extracted, however this compromises its quality. For this reason, we always cold press our olives. 

What is the best way to store olive oil?

To maintain the quality for longer the best environment for olive oil is in a dark place with a relatively constant, cool temperature away from heat and light. Olive oil should not be stored in the fridge as this will cause the oil to solidify, generally at home, a pantry is usually the best place. Always re-seal the container immediately after use and avoid leaving next to the stove as the oil quickly heats up which can cause the oil to lose its quality.

What is the average shelf life of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Unlike wine, olive oil does not improve with age, but a well-made, high quality EVOOs, if stored properly, can last for a minimum of 2 years unopened. Once opened, try to use it within 3 months.

Why is my olive oil cloudy? Is it natural?

Cloudy olive oil is not a bad thing. Do not stress! When olives are squeezed, they typically have a very small amount of moisture and olive flesh particles that naturally settle with time, like other fruit juices. A new season first bottling of freshly squeezed olive juice means the new seasons oil can display this typical cloudiness that characterises that it is super fresh and unfiltered, generating a delicious oil.

Is sediment in the bottom of the bottle okay?

As mentioned above a new season olive oil is the freshly squeezed juice of the olives and like any other fruit juice, flesh particles naturally settle with time to the bottom of the bottle. Sediment is actually a great indication of the ‘quality’ and the ‘freshness’ of the product. There is no quality or safety issues.


Can you cook with extra virgin olive oil?

Yes, absolutely! High quality extra virgin olive oil Like Contadino Olive Oils can be successfully used for cooking.


How long are contadino Olives good before and after opening?

Our jarred olives are a preserved product and maintain for many many years. We recommend that after opening that you top up your jar with olive oil to continue to preserve the olives. This helps to maintain and lock in the beautiful flavour and freshness of your olives.

Is olive brine safe to drink?

Yes, the liquid in the can or jar is completely safe to drink. It mostly contains water, salt, vinegar and juice from the olives.

Why are there piPs in the olives that are labeled as "pitted"?

There may be times during the automated pitting process when an olive will be missed due to its softer texture and the pit remains inside. Although this may happen, it does not affect the quality of your olives.

Is Sediment in the Bottom of the Jars okay?

This occurs when flesh particles naturally settle with time to the bottom of the jars. Sediment is actually a great indication of the ‘quality’ and the ‘freshness’ of the product. There is no quality or safety issues.

Our Groves

Our groves, located in the rich fertile soil of the River lands of South Australia, in addition to Young in New South Wales as well as our farm and shop where you can purchase our products near beautiful Jervis bay on the New South Wales South Coast, have given us the opportunity to live out our passion for growing and selling a large variety of olives, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

We have developed a way of living and farming naturally with integrity, love, passion and quality that we can be proud to share with our local community and our loyal and ever growing customers.